Walk off belly fat! Eat Great, Lose Weight
Win Big

Nothing makes weight loss easier than delicious recipes and simple, easy exercise. Put them together and you can win big at weight loss without sacrifice.

When you try Diabetes without Drugs Free for 21 Days, you’ll get these two free gifts that show you the easiest, most delicious ways to enjoy your new healthy lifestyle and a simple walking plan to guide you step by slimming step into your best body ever!

Flatten Your Belly
without Situps!

Even though there are countless new gadgets and expensive machines out there, studies show that walking is still one of the best ways to lose your belly. With Walk Off Belly Fat, you’ll discover the smart yet simple ways to make a walking program work for weight loss!

  • How to get the best belly fat burn, according to exercise physiologist. Page 22
  • The minimum time you should walk per day to trim your waistline. Page 24
  • The “Total-Body Fat Blaster Walk” — and how to adjust it for treadmill walking. Page 24
  • Four simple moves that strengthen your core. Add these to your walks for stronger, flatter abs. Page 25
  • Spend 1 out of every 5 minutes of your walk doing the move suggested on page 29 to strengthen your hips and butt without putting undue stress on your knees.
  • Choose a route that takes you over this kind of terrain for a firmer butt and thighs. Page 29
YUMMY Recipes
That Peel Off the Pounds!

Every recipe in Eat Great, Lose Weight gives you super nutrition and the great taste your family will love. No more worries about what’s for dinner — just make sure you make room for dessert!

Peach Frozen Yogurt

Fresh, Fluffy Muffins Lemon Basil Chicken Roasted Fries
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