Walk away the pounds!

You've probably heard that walking is the best exercise there is: It's gentle
on your joints ... it's a natural calorie-burner ... it doesn't require special equipment ... you can do it anywhere ...

So is it really as simple as just getting up and taking a walk? Well, yes and no. When you're sedentary, of course any exercise is better than none. But for dramatic, long-lasting weight loss, you really need a plan that starts gradually, keeps you motivated, and gets you out of your comfort zone. It should be fun and varied enough so you stick with it.

It's really as simple as just getting up and taking a walk?Finally, there’s a plan that does just that. And we have the results to prove it! The editors of Prevention magazine are proud to present Walk Your Butt Off!, a fun new program that can get you walking faster and farther than you ever thought possible. You can breeze up stairs without breaking stride. You can fall asleep faster and sleep sounder than you have in years. You can strengthen your heart ... reduce the risk of stroke ... boost your self-esteem ... banish nagging aches and pains ...

Oh, and you can lose weight. A lot of weight. And keep it off for good! How does it work? Simple! You start slow, from wherever you are today. Very gradually, over the next 12 weeks, you start to add intensity and variety to your daily walk. Pretty soon, you’re walking farther and faster than you ever dreamed possible. Add Coach Michele's technique tips and Leslie's "never say diet" nutrition advice — and watch decades of fat start to melt away. Best of all, it's really fun!

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